Trio Snowmen


Trio Snowmen by Debi Payne
Trio Snowmen by Debi Payne

When I think of Christmas, one of the things that I usually associate it with is snow.  It’s funny that I associate Christmas with snow since I live in Las Vegas, and we just don’t get very much snow here is the desert.  Yet, I still associate Christmas with snow.

 I do recall seeing a few white Christmas’ in my lifetime.  Putting all the hassles aside that come with snow, there is nothing more beautiful than a White Christmas.  I love watching children in the snow.  There is something about snow that gets their creative juices flowing.  If it is having a snowball fight, or building a snowball, children can always find something to do with snow.

Christmas is coming soon, and so is the snow.  This year, instead of look at all the hassles that come along with the snow, try looking at just the beauty of it.  Be a kid again and go play in the snow.

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