Welcome Home

"Welcome Home" by Debi Payne
“Welcome Home” by Debi Payne

When Tim and I lived in Las Vegas before, there was this little pizza restaurant that we loved, it is called Sunset Pizzeria.  It was a little restaurant in the middle of a strip mall with only about four or five tables inside and they were packed pretty close together.  About every week or two we would order a pizza, go pick it up, and then take it home to eat.  It is the best pizza in the world and I love it!   I always felt like getting a pizza was my personal treat because not only did I like the pizza, but I didn’t have to cook supper.

 After we had to move from Vegas we searched and searched for a good pizza.  During the year that we have been away, our travels have taken us to several different states throughout the southwest.  We would often try to find a pizza that we liked as well as Sunset, but (with the exception of one in Tucson, AZ that came mighty close) none of the others seemed to quite measure up.  I can’t count how many times during that year we were away that I said I wish I could have a Sunset pizza.

 When I would call my order into Sunset, Jodie would usually answer the phone.  She always recognized my voice as soon as I said “Hi Jodie”.  She would then reply with, “Hi Debi, a medium all-meat?”  To which I would reply, “yes ma’am… see you in about 20 minutes”.  Our phone conversations were as predictable as the pizza… always good.  Then when we would go to pick up the pizza I always went inside to pick it up where Jodie and I would have a quick exchange of ‘how are you doing’ and little chit chat while I paid for the pizza and sometimes waited for it to finish cooking.

 One of the things that I looked forward to in coming back was getting a Sunset pizza.  On our second day back in town, Tim came in from work and said, “let’s go get a pizza for supper”.  I was as excited as a little kid about going to get pizza.  But this time, since we were staying in a hotel, instead of calling in the order we went in to order and eat.

 Tim and I walked in and sat down at a table.  A guy from the back came out and asked us what we would like to drink, and we placed our drink order.  After we got our drinks, Jodie walked by and casually said, “hi Debi, how are you doing… we haven’t seen you in a while”.  I nearly fell out of my chair.  I couldn’t believe it.  I asked Tim, “did she just call me by name”?  He said, “yes, she did”.  I couldn’t believe that after a year Jodie remembered me.

 Jodie then came back to our table to take our order and ask where we had been.   We had a minute to chat and catch up.  As Tim and I were sitting there eating our pizza I looked at him and said, “now I know… I’m home!”

 It never ceases to amaze me how the people that I think would least remember me are the ones that usually remember me the most and make me feel the best!  Thank you Jodie and Sunset Pizzeria!!!

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