What Are You Thinking?

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Do you have trouble controlling your thoughts?  One of my all-time favorite Buddha quotes is: “Your mind is like a nervous monkey, you have to learn to control it.” I know this is sometimes so true for me. Sometimes I get a thought in my mind and it drives me crazy. I get hung in the ‘what it’s’ and the ‘can’t’ and the always prevalent ‘you should’s’. Sometimes it is maddening. Sometimes my nervous monkey gets so wound up and out of control that I just have to scream “STOP”. For me, once I get to the point of screaming stop, my mind slows down and I can actually take a deep breath to calm myself down even more.

Sometimes the nervous monkey things going on in my head have nothing to me with me. When I realize that they have nothing to do with me, the thoughts are easy to dismiss and I move along going about my day. However, on the other hand, sometimes thoughts have everything to do me and I know I need to deal with them. That is when I can slowly and methodically start dealing with all those things one at a time.

It does take discipline to keep all the noise and chatter away while I work on my thoughts one at a time, but I know it can be done. All you have to do is learn to focus on just one thing at a time.

Keep your thoughts positive

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Another thing that I have found that has helped me a lot is to keep all my thoughts as positive as I possibly can.  In every situation, you always have a choice; you can either look for the positive things in a situation or you can dwell on the negative.  I find that when I only focus on the positive things in a situation the situation will always go to the positive side.

When I find myself keeping my thoughts more in the positive realm, I find that I am happier and I have more time to actually live.

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I hope that today you find the positive in every situation and you will feel yourself shine.

15 thoughts on “What Are You Thinking?”

  1. The possibilities in life are endless. We seem to set up the barriers thinking we can’t do it, but we can! Let’s strive to be th best we can be, set the doubts aside and go for the gold!

  2. This is so true. When I overthink things I am convinced that I can’t do it. When I just dive in and do it it’s much better.

    1. Some of the craziest “circuses” I have been through in my life have been created solely by my “nervous monkey”. Thank goodness, I don’t for fall those antics near as much now as I did in the past!

    2. Yes Sherri! I have been through some pretty wild “circuses” in my life. Thank goodness I don’t fall the antics of my “nervous monkey” now near as much as I have in the past!

      1. Lindy T Redmond

        focusing on the good and seeing the positive ingredients in life is such helpful advise. We have the choise…to stay in the dark and see it continually or to seek the sun and focus on the good. Thank you Debi for the reminder.

  3. The nervous monkey is often present with me! I always seem to have so much to do, so many things that need my attention. I have to force myself to stop and breathe.

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