What Are You Waiting For?

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It seems like everyone is waiting for something. It may be a new job or taking that dream vacation. We seem to find ways to procrastinate by using excuses like, “the time isn’t right” or “I’m waiting for the right opportunity”? Why do we do that? When we do, we end up just waiting our lives away. What are we waiting for? Why don’t we go out and create that opportunity that we are waiting for?

I know it is easier to just sit and wait. It doesn’t require any effort on your part and you can do whatever you are doing now. Or maybe it is that you know what you have now and you don’t really know what a new opportunity will be like. Sometimes change in itself is something you fear.

Image: Bold Doodle Flowers

Did you ever stop to think that may opportunity is waiting for you? Perhaps opportunity is waiting for you to do something. Maybe if you just looked for that job, you just might see opportunity is sitting waiting for you to show up. Or if it that dream vacation, when was the last time you researched vacation packages? If you did, you just might find the perfect package that fits in your budget and will give you that vacation you have been dreaming of for years.

Whatever it is that you are waiting for, stop waiting for opportunity to show up. Do something today that will move you just a little closer to having what you want. You don’t have to move an entire mountain in a single day, but if you will start moving that mountain one bucket of dirt at a time, eventually you will move that mountain and you will have what you are now just waiting for.

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I hope that today is the day that you find that opportunity that you have been waiting for!







22 thoughts on “What Are You Waiting For?”

    1. Thanks Shirley, Just remember… failure really isn’t such a bad thing! From failure we learn lessons that help us go even further. I have learned to enjoy “failure”, sometimes it can even be kind of funny.

  1. Lidia Baltazar

    Omg!!! The site is beautiful!!! I love all your designs, The quotes and Colors ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗

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