What’s Your Word for the Year?

The other night Tim asked me if I had made any New Year’s Resolutions?  I told him “no”, that I usually don’t make resolutions, however I do choose a Word for the Year that I focus on all year long.  As I explained what my Word of the Year is, he became very interested.

In looking back over all my previous Words for the Year I can see a very clear path and journey that I and my art has been on.

I started doing this in 2014.  My first word of the year was “Better”.  That year I was just wanting to do everything better.  I wanted my art to just be better.  I wasn’t looking for a specific degree of improvement, I just wanted it to be better.

2014 Word of the Year for Debi Payne Designs - Better.

By the end of the year, my art was better.  I felt better about myself and I also felt better about the direction that I was headed.

In 2015 my word for the year was “Clarity”.  At the beginning of this year was wondering what direction I wanted to go with my art.  Did I want to go back into my gallery work?  Did I want to try the art show circuit or did I want to continue with my licensing?  This is the year that I want to try to figure out my path.

2015 Word of the Year for Debi Payne Designs - Clarity

By the end of 2015 I did indeed have “Clarity” for the direction that I wanted my art to go in and I began working hard to go in that direction.

In 2016 my work for the year was “Magic”.  I’m not really sure what I was looking for when I choose the word Magic.  I do remember being really tired from working so hard on my art and perhaps I was just looking for something that would just magically happen so that I wouldn’t have to work so hard.

2016 Word of the Year for Debi Payne Designs - Magic.

By the end of the year I realized that I already had “Magic” in my life.  All the blessings in my life were Magic and every piece of art I created was filled with Magic.  Everything that I didn’t understand or couldn’t explain… that was [and still is] Magic.

In 2017 my Word of the Year was “Style”.  Actually, this word could have just as easily been “Brand” because this was the year that I wanted to truly define the Debi Payne Designs style.  This was the year that I want to discover what Debi Payne Designs was all about and what I wanted everyone to associate Debi Payne Designs with.

2017 Word of the Year for Debi Payne Designs - Style.

By the end of this year I had clearly defined Debi Payne Designs and I knew that from this point forward my art would be more that just art.  It would a message of positivity.

In 2018 I choose the word “Abundance”.  I think that as this year began and I choose the “Abundance” I was looking for more money from my art but I was never really specific when I would think about the word “Abundance”.

2018 Word of the Year for Debi Payne Designs - Abundance

This year turned out to be my biggest surprise of all.  In this year I started receiving more licensing contracts than ever before.  But I also found myself doing an abundance more work. Ironically, it was actually a very abundant year in many, many ways.

Last year, 2019 my Word of the Year was “Results”.  My choice to use the word “Results” was a direct result from my 2018 work “Abundance”.  I found myself doing an abundance of work and yet I was seeing very little results from the work that I was doing.  So, in this year I wanted to see more results from the work that I was doing.

2019 Word of the Year for Debi Payne Designs - Results.

Like all the years before, by the end of the year I was indeed seeing “Results” I was looking for, yet again in order for me to see those results I had added even more work onto my already heavy work load.

Now as we are preparing to welcome 2020, once again I have selected my Word for the Year.  This year the word I have chosen is “Simplify”.  Actually, I think that 2020 is going to a ‘clean-up’ year from 2018 and 2019.  I have been trying new things and with each new thing that I tried I have added it into the already over-flowering work schedule that I have.

One day I sat down and thought about everything that I am doing in my business.  Then I started looking at the possibility of hiring people, wondering how many people I would need to hire in order to fully and completely keep up with everything that I am doing.  I was rather shocked to discover that for me to fully maintain and keep doing everything that I am doing I would need to hire five full-time employees.  That was quit an eye-opener for me!

That was when I realized that things needed to change and thus my word for 2020 has become “Simplify”.

2020 Word of the Year for Debi Payne Designs - Simplify.

This means that there will be some changes made this year.  Although I don’t know exactly what those changes are going to be, I do know that some things that I am doing (or at least trying to do) will have to go away.  There will be some things that I will continue to do, but will hopefully figure out a better way of doing them.  Yet there are still new things that I am wanting to do and I will have to figure out a way to squeeze them in.

2019 was a great year for me and I am super excited about 2020! 

Throughout the years of using and focusing on my Word of the Year, that is what I have gotten.

I think it is a great practice for everyone to have. 

What is your word for 2020?

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