You Are Blessed With Possibilities


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We have all had people in our lives that had called us names or made us feel less than we are.  Unfortunately, most of us have that little voice in our heads that takes the place of all those other people when they aren’t around.  It is all those little negative things that other people say to us along with all the negative self-talk we carry around with us in our heads that slow destroy our self-confidence and self-worth.  Stop listening to all that negativity for just a little and realize how blessed you really are.  If you take a minute longer, you will see that not only are you blessed, but you are actually really amazing!

When was the last time you sat down and took personal inventory of yourself?  Without thinking about anything that you perceive as negative, think about all the things you can do.  Think about all the things that you know.  If you really think about it, you will probably see that you really are amazing.

You Really Are Enough

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If you have trouble coming up with a list long enough to convenience yourself that you are amazing.  Start with the fact that you really are enough.  You are enough to get yourself through the day.  You are enough to learn and grow.  If you can start with the fact that you are enough, you can begin to build on that and through time of building on that, before long you will be able to see that you really are amazing.

In the end I hope you will see that you are only limited by your vision of what is possible and that is all in believing that no matter what that little voice is telling you, you really are enough.  You are enough to do, have and become whatever you want.

Is your vision keeping you from seeing possibilities?

 Image: Bright Doodles with Affirmation

What possibility is your vision limiting you from seeing?

22 thoughts on “You Are Blessed With Possibilities”

  1. Francine Sacco Galea

    Love this!
    Somethings we get caught up in life and need to stop and remember how truley blessed we are! ❤️

  2. As long as you see the sunshine every day and get to see the sunset ,we all should feel blessed

  3. Unfortunately for me, and I assume many others… it’s so much easier to believe the lies of negativity we tell ourselves verses the TRUTH of worthiness. Thank you for helping us remind ourselves!!

  4. Debi, I love your designs. The colours are amazing and your inspirational phrases are so useful.

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